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Naked Sushi. Information on the author will be provided on a need to know basis.

  1. they spend a lot of their time looking at shoes—heels are favored but all shoes are appreciated
  2. a trail of receipts leads to their den
  3. the blood of someone/thing cute is scattered in their den
  4. they use this as sacrifice for finding and obtaining shoes
  5. they don’t sleep because they stay awake imagining different nail polish colors

ATTENTION: When approaching a high femme, look them in the eye and tell them how nice they look. Failure to do so will result in side eye. Scuffing their shoes result in death

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    I am considering which type of femme I am with the same level of importance I usually reserve for choosing a class in a...
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    If femme is defiant femininity, then a lot of the time butch is femme, and sometimes andro is femme, but which kinds of...
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    Subtropical half-Aquatic Femme checking in.…I may make D&D (or GURPS) templates with these. For funsies.
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    I don’t think I’d be a very good dark femme, which is disappointing, because dunmer are the greatest. >_>
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    I don’t know if I’d fit the bill but I love the sound of “snow femme”.
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    3 - For those in the states, if your resident high femme is also a warrior queen, the blood of a Republican man works...
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    So that’s… First Femme, Wild Femme, Cultured Femme, Tree-Sap Femme, Deep Femme, Changed Femme, Dark Femme, Pariah Femme,...
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    3 - the blood of someone/thing cute? not necessary. the blood of men is more than sufficient and invariably has better...
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    yumm - blood sacrifice… I was wondering why I had so many pairs of fabulous shoes!
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